Superior seating and positioning wheelchair backs and cushions

Designed to stabilise the pelvis, protect the skin and position the body, the comprehensive range of JAY cushions ensures the right choice for your seating requirements. While the JAY back range provides posterior lateral pelvic stabilisation to reduce fatigue and maximise function.

Xtreme Active Cushion
Increased skin protection for active wheelchair users.

J3 Cushion
Designed for the client with complex needs.

JAY Balance
The perfect balance between skin protection and stability.

J2 Cushion
Stability and positioning with skin integrity protection.

J2 DC Cushion
Stability and positioning with extreme skin risk.

J2 Plus Cushion
Superior skin protection and stability designed for bariatric clients.

Zip Cushion
Skin protection and positioning designed just for kids.

Care Cushion
Designed to address the needs of the elderly client.

Easy Visco Cushion
High level comfort and positioning with mild pressure redistribution.

Easy Fluid Cushion
Skin integrity with stability.

Soft Combi P Cushion
Comfort and basic positioning.

GS Cushion
Designed for the complex paediatric client.

Lite Cushion
For the active client seeking minimal weight.

Basic Cushion
Mild contouring for basic needs.

J3 Carbon Back
Feel the difference.

JAY Shape backrest
Premium tension adjustable backrest for greater support and comfort.

J3 Back
The best just got better.

Jay Zip Back
Lightweight, versatile, and designed just for kids

JAY Easy Back
Positioning and comfort made easy.

J2 Plus Back
Superior positioning and support for bariatric clients.

Care Back
Lateral support and angle adjustability designed for fixed kyphotic postures.

Fit System
Provides multiple positioning and growth opportunities.

Heads Up
Innovative anterior, posterior, and lateral support for the head and neck

The complete solution for positioning of the cervical spine and head.

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