Lightweight Wheelchair

With a made to measure titanium frame, the Hi-Lite gives you a smooth ride so you can push comfortably over daily obstacles in your wheelchair. It provides easy, lightweight and independent transportability combined with an extensive range of options and accessories.

RGK HiLite Made to Measure Lightweight Wheelchair
“The Hi-Lite is life changing for me, as I no longer feel like 'the girl in the wheelchair', I feel that the chair has become part of me. It's so easy for me to wheel too, which leaves my husband free to actually walk by my side, rather than behind pushing me. The chair makes you sit in the correct position which is great for people with spinal problems. Must say, that my posture is now perfect.”
Tracy Talbot
“My Hi-Lite is strong without being heavy and helps me travel with no hassle. Having a chair that is lightweight and reliable in a design that matches my personality gives me confidence to work my best.”
Shannon Murray, Model

Technical Specifications

  • Made to measure
  • Titanium frame
  • Choice of open or closed frame design
  • 25mm diameter frame tube size
  • Product weight from 8.6kg
  • Max user weight 125kg
RGK HiLite Made to Measure Lightweight Wheelchair


  • Optimised biomechanics for maximum power and efficiency
  • Perfect toe in toe out for minimum drag
  • Rigid and lightweight frame for pushing efficiency
  • Low ride castor forks for optimum performance
  • Aerospace grade titanium as standard

Clinical Seating

  • Individual frame size to reduce risk of developing severe health problems and provide optimum comfort
  • Optimum castor position to make the chair compact, manoeuvrable and practical, whilst reducing the amount of energy required to propel: increasing the wheelchairs efficiency and maximising your potential.


  • Range of ergonomic backrest options to support your requirements for maximum comfort and balance
  • Ergonomic seat for pelvic positioning and optimum balance
  • Taper seat frame design for complete support

Airtech Technology

  • Tension adjustable backrest and seat upholstery for better support and positioning
  • Breathable material to keep you cool
  • Lightweight and tough for longevity with kevlar reinforced wings

Functional Options

  • A full range of active options such as wheel locks, side guards, anti tip and much more to suite your individual  requirements
  • A range of assist options such as push handles, wheel locks and armrests to suit your individual  requirements

Frame Options

  • Fixed or folding backrest
  • Fixed or adjustable axle position
  • Fixed or adjustable footrest position
  • Fixed or height adjustable backrest
  • Available in bariatric sizes up to 550mm seat width
  • Choice of open or closed frame
  • Extra camber bar for handbike fitting
RGK HiLite Made to Measure Lightweight Wheelchair


  • Polished or brushed
  • Powder coated frame finish in a wide range of colours
  • Choose an accent colour to suit your style
  • Add a personal embroidery on the backrest
The RGKi made to measure process allows you to add only the options and upgrades that you choose, including sideguards, armrests, cushions, push handles, anti tips, rear wheels and embroidery.. Speak with one of our mobility advisors for the full range.

Do you need help with financing your RGK chair?

There are a few different ways in which you can try to get funding for your wheelchair. These choices include NHS Wheelchair Services, Access to Work, charities or The Motability Scheme. To learn more about who these services are, the eligibility criteria required and how you can apply for the scheme, please click below to access our funding page.

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