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What's your sport?
We can design and manufacture a made to measure wheelchair specifically for you and your sport. Whether it's a Dance Wheelchair, Fencing Wheelchair, Archery Wheelchair, or Badminton wheelchair, we can provide a solution for you. In order to maximise your potential, you need the right piece of equipment - why not challenge us to build you something amazing?

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We are passionate about sporting life

From grassroots to the Paralympics, our aim is to inspire participation by building sport wheelchairs that are suitable for each individual and every team to win at their discipline, regardless of age or aspiration.   We are proud of our history and strong links to universities and sporting federations alike, helping them to achieve the best results for their teams’ performances with our wheelchairs.  A teams unity is its strength, where there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things are achieved. Combining consultation, innovation, and tailored craftsmanship, we can support you all the way.