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How To

Believe, Live, Inspire : Fizz
A documentary that follows Fizz’s journey of coming to terms with a spinal injury and exploring the opportunities and support there is available for wheelchair users. Having fallen from a height 12 months ago, Fizz broke her back and is now paralysed from the waist down. With the support from her friends, family and organisations she is finally getting back to an independent and active lifestyle.

Filmed over a period of seven months, the entire journey of an aspiring children’s wheelchair basketball club unfolds, from their early training sessions all the way to the finals. A no holds barred approach, we see the players, coach and family member’s highs and lows, hopes and dreams and pure dedication to the sport and to each other, which is apparent in every frame of this film. We learn what the sport means to them, challenging and channelling their passions, frustrations and concerns. The ethos of these children completely embodies the “believe, live, inspire”.

Sophie Carrigill and her all-new Elite
During the lead up to the Continental Clash, we visited Sophie Carrigill and asked her to tell us more about her all-new Elite. In this video she highlights what she hopes to achieve with her new chair, the alterations she made to its build and set-up and how they will affect her game. Later the same week, Sophie Carrigill and the GB Women's Team, won gold in it at the Continental Clash!

Introducing our lightest chair yet
TIGA Sub4 ultra-lightweight wheelchair is the newest chair in RGK’s range, and is guaranteed to be sub 4kg when the wheels and cushion are removed. We have embraced marginal gains technology to create this lightweight wheelchair, with all areas of the TIGA optimised. With 72 changes, including a completely unique RGK upholstery, shortened axle and pin setup, specially designed froglegs superlight castors and corrosion resistant titanium fasteners, this chair is as rigid and stable as it is lightweight.

Welcome to the future of carbon fibre wheelchair seating
The Elite CX has a very specific seating system to help maximise the connection you have with your chair. Having this connection is crucial because energy can be lost in a chair frame when it doesn’t support you correctly, affecting performance. The Elite CX shapes around the contours of your body which improves comfort and in turn improves responsiveness, providing a more even distribution of energy.

We designed a wheelchair so portable it fits into aircraft overhead storage lockers (and the boot of your car!)
Every so often an idea comes along that changes lives. In this instance it is a creation that revolutionises travel for self-propelling wheelchair users. TIGA fx folds into a briefcase style shape, ideal for storage in tight spaces. The Q-lock system provides rigidity, strength and a lightweight solution along with an action that is simple, easy to operate and streamlined enough to meet all your travel needs. A rigid chair that folds – for people on the move