Filmed over a period of seven months, the entire journey of an aspiring children’s wheelchair basketball club unfolds, from their early training sessions all the way to the finals. A no holds barred approach, we see the players, coach and family member’s highs and lows, hopes and dreams and pure dedication to the sport and to each other, which is apparent in every frame of this film. We learn what the sport means to them, challenging and channelling their passions, frustrations and concerns. The ethos of these children completely embodies the “believe, live, inspire”.

The opening credits shows the quote from Muhammad Ali “impossible is temporary” which is soon followed by a parent reminiscing about the diagnosis her son received after his accident. You’re guaranteed a warm feeling when she recalls the Doctor’s blunt statement “basically he will never be an athlete”, coupled with incredible swooping shots of her son training hard through wind and rain in Wales.

Basketball for this group is a vehicle to create a community for themselves – building a support network and lifelong friendships. This club provides a therapeutic effect that can only be achieved through camaraderie and compassion.

Listening to the way in which these children approach their lives and experiences is a true eye-opener. They have a deeper understanding and outlook on life and the opportunities that it can bring than most adults do.

Society would normally assume these children would be relatively inactive due to their disability, but this is truly not the case, this film and its stars prove that expectation is far from reality. Normality can only be defined by what is surrounding you; what surrounds these children are other active, confident and happy young people.