Twion I Power Assist Electric Wheelchair Wheels

Energise your wheelchair

With twion wheels, all the engineering is compactly and discreetly integrated in the wheel hub. The electric motors, equipped with state-of-the-art digital electronics, provide you with extra power at each propelling movement. The sensor fitted to the push rim determines exactly the right amount of support. You remain on the move to reach your destination more quickly, efficiently and with less effort. The silent direct drive ensures great agility and easy handling.

Twion I Power Assist Electric Wheelchair Wheels

Technical specifications

  • 24 x 1" wheels with Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution tyres (with unrivalled puncture protection) as standard
  • Quick-release axle, length: 123 mm, diameter: ½"
  • Max. weight of occupant: 120 kg
  • Motor, electronics and battery pack integrated in the wheel hub
  • White cover
  • Black outer ring
  • Stainless steel button on q/r axle
  • Aluminium push-rim, powder-coated black/matt
  • Weight of standard model: 6.3 kg per wheel


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